Copper Sulphate for Agricultural Purposes

Nutrichem Chemicals is dealing in Chemicals which are used in Animal Feed and plant protection. One of our main products is Copper Sulphate. Cuso4 5H2o

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Since most people who are looking for copper sulphate already know what it is and what it does the main focus is mainly the price.

The price of copper sulphate is built around 4 components.

  • 1 The price of copper on London Metal Exchange :  Price of copper sulphate is decided by the producer but never less than 25% which is the percentage copper so more or less fixed.
  • 2 Production cost , packing loading etc,
  • 3 Logistical cost is fixed depending on destination
  • 4 Import taxes. fixed by country


So when you are looking around and you get low prices it is easy to see where these are coming from.

Either the producer is selling lower copper content or the seller is mixing low qualities and deliver them to you. On paper this looks fine but what do you get?

Our Factory is FAMI-Qs certified so you can be sure that you get what you are paying for and no-nonsense.

We deliver from door to door in continental Europe.  If you are scared of buying from us as a new supplier please don’t forget that we offer  the goods are at your doorstep and you have 7 days to look if the goods are according to your order. So give me a call.

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