Copper Sulphates for Animal feed and other Applications.

Copper Sulphate
Copper Sulphate

We are active in the copper sulphate market for over 20 years and over these years we have seen many changes . More and more the market was focused on quality improvement.  New control systems were coming in place like Fami-qs . Fami-Qs is currently the highest standard for companies who have a proven track record to have implemented the highest quality standards.

Prices of copper sulphate are for 80 % depending on the copper prices on the London metal exchange. So the efficiency has to come out of the remaining 20%.

How to achieve this :

  • Direct Sale and Delivery to End Users
  • No warehousing
  • Own Logistics
  • Central Administration

One of the biggest concerns by using copper sulphate is the heavy metal content.

In the past Copper Sulphate was a product from the Electrolytic copper mining. In this process a lot of heavy metals like acid and lead  was used. With the “new” EU rulings in place the industry had to upgrade itself.

The basis of our product is recycled copper and copper scrap. This is why we have very low levels of heavy metal contents in our products and our dioxin levels are complying with the EU limits.

A Lot of Copper Sulphate is coming into the market sourced from Far East and China, South America etc. 95 % of that material is produced by factories who have no international quality controls in place. Chances on quality problems are substantial. We meet all standards, why take a risk when you do need too. just give us a call or a write us a small mail .


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