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If you are searching for good quality Copper and Zinc Sulphate you are on the right address. We produce from various locations in Europe and Asia.
Copper and Zinc Sulphate is an application in feed, Fertilizer , technical and plating grade.
For example, foot baths and fertilizer artificial fertilizer trace element.
The price of all products are depending on the Price of Copper on the London Stock Exchange.
The structure of pricing is 25% of LME Copper price plus surplus for production, packing and logistics.
We focus next to price is the quality of the product, delivery time and further conditions.
To keep it simple we arrange that the products are presented at your doorstep in a normal period and for a real competitive price.
Currently our products are produced in Turkey, Taiwan , Romania and the Netherlands.
In the Netherlands The delivery time is very short about 3 weeks and can also be delivered in bulk .
From Turkey and Taiwan the Copper Sulphate come by ship to Antwerp and Rotterdam and from Romania per truck.
We could of course give a very complicated explanation on this site, but we like to keep things simple.
Just let us do the work for you.
Please contact us for an appropriate quotation.
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